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South paper and cardboard (1996) Ltd. specializes in production, marketing and supplying a large variety of paper and cardboard products for businesses, government offices and institutions from the fields of catering and food and medicine to areas of agriculture and technical equipment.


The company was established in 1996 and since then it provides its services to an ever growing circle of clients.


Among the variety of products the company produces one can find:


  • Placemats and paper coasters for trays in different diameters and sizes.

  • Paper bags for packaging food, technical and medical equipment

  • Carton boxes for packaging foods like: French fries, onion rings, baked goods, lunch boxes, coffee cup carrier, pizza cardboard coasters and more.

  • Auxiliary products for bakeries such as: baking papers, newsprint, greaseproof paper, cupcake cups and more.

  • Cardboard plates and coasters in different diameters gold/silver plated

  • Food wrapping paper like: cheeses, sausages and sandwiches.


Our products can be customized according to customer requirements by printing the logo, selecting the colors and more.

Our Company aims to provide its customers with quality products and service at the highest standards.

The quality of the paper and cardboard products is reflected in the raw material: thickness and color of the paper, quality of printing and packaging form.

Also, our company focuses on protecting the environment and strives to use recycled raw material as much as possible.

In addition, the company contributes to the community by employing people with disabilities.

Most of the products of South Paper and Cardboard are manufactured in Israel.

Our company operates in a competitive market that includes paper and cardboard products importers, businesses and large enterprises. This only encourages us to strive to continuous improvement of the products and service we provide our clients.

We invite you to explore the variety of products displayed online and to join our happy circle of clients.

For more information and orders please feel free to contact us at any time.



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South Paper and Cardboard (1996) Ltd.


Customer Service Charter


Out of our real commitment to provide the best service in the paper and cardboard market and striving for excellence in customer service we undertake:


  • To respond to customers speedily, efficiently with respect and tolerance.

  • To identify and understand each customer's needs and wishes and offer solutions accordingly.

  • To document each customer's reference so as to ensure response, inspection and follow up until closure.

  • To provide our customers with professional and reliable information with integrity and complete transparency.

  • To respond to the customer within the hour.

  • To coordinate delivery time with the customer within 24 hours from order confirmation time and to provide when promised.

  • To solve each problem with the means and attention required within four hours.

  • To manufacture in the best quality according to standards.


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